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05-19-2012, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
Your conclusions do not pan out.

1 Lt Comm Tac BOFF power will not suddenly see you doing so much more damage than the AC that you will suddenly kill Elite Borg enemies fast enough to not have to survive their fire.

The most important thing will be to soak damage as a Cruiser.

Healing and Supporting your allies is great, but you have more abilities to self heal and more ways to resist damage than any other ship class in the game - and your allies have a fair amount of abilities to heal themselves.

And with the ability to chain EPTS 3 x 2, the AC has the edge vs. the Excel.

I do this in my Dread, with the worst maneuverability of the three without issue.

I did not say you become invincible. What I said is:
Originally Posted by Hoellefeuer
Less time combat capable hostile survive=less damage to your allies.
That means your allies will not have to endure enemy fire as long as they would if you were in an AC.

The OPs objective is to be fire support and medic (that means healing others). That makes your 2nd epts 3 irrelavent. Also, the OP indicated this is for Elite STFS. The most important thing is to blow stuff up in that case.

Now, if the OP wants to discuss optimizing a cruiser for running in a coordinated STF, then a tanking cruiser might be a good idea, if they ever stop DPS being the ultimate goal, I am trying to provide feedback to help him achieve his stated goals.

Otherwise, yes a GalX with DHC and a fully buffed lance is great. If you can fly it well, you can hit 2-3 enemies with a lance, tank til the next server crash, kill your average elite cube in about 8 seconds, and even throw an occasional heal.

As for the LTcom tac slot on the excel, if you goal is to improve team survivability, run APD2 along with ATD1.