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05-19-2012, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by dilbart
A few things you might want to consider:
- You're sacrificing the subsystem targeting abilities that come inherently with your ship without beams.
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Beams vs. Cannons

I agree, with you on the subsystem targeting point. I am thinking "Target Subsystems" is not that important to me, and I could be very wrong here. You can tell me if this makes sense.

Target Subsystems
- lasts 30 seconds
- has a 2 min cool-down
- to "equip" them all take four slots on the bar

Rapid Fire (w/ Polarons)
- lasts 15 sec.
- has a 30sec. cool down (Rough ratio 4:1)
- and because I am turrets w/ the high rate of fire the Polaron proc will go off once, maybe twice a single usage

The Polaron proc is 25 power drain across all subsystems, so in the time that some uses TSS I and waits for the cooldown of one of the abilities, I have used RFC I x4 times, and probably had the -25 drain go off 3-8 time across all the targets subsystems, and RFC I is one button on my bar.

Originally Posted by dilbart
- 3 Polaron Phase Modulators definitely provide better damage increase because they stack additively (search the forums)
Originally Posted by synkr0nized
I, too, would recommend going back to more of the polaron-specific tactical consoles
I will re-test.

Originally Posted by dilbart
- Not running any STF sets put you very far behind the pack. If you read around you'll realize they're OP
I agree they have some bonuses that are nice, but my goal is power drain. Now, if you see a set that help me drain faster, I am all ears.

Originally Posted by noneofcon
tractor beam to hold the enemy in place so they cant escape the rift?
Sir, no, sir. Though, I do understand your thinking. Reason being, I am not trying to cripple a ship with a one-button attack, rather, I am layering one attack after another, all of them pointed at the same goal - Power Draining. You can only escape "part" of the rift. I am still going to drain your shields, and then energy siphon, and then...and then...and then...

Originally Posted by Blitzy
You might want two pieces of the omega Force set, for the tetryon glider...all these powers share the same cooldown timer. I would suggest dropping tyken's rift one, and moving to Hazard emitters 1, then use that slot for scramble sensors 1
I see the wisdom in your sound and sage advice. Thought:

Scramble Sensors wont last that long (not specced for it), is there another draining ability I could use instead?


Whether I agreed or disagreed with the responses, THANK YOU. I appreciate you taking the time to give me your thoughts.