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05-19-2012, 04:54 PM
I'd really really really like the ability to set a Crew Uniform for my ship. I feel like my BOFFs and I are not part of the same crew and that I'm visiting.

I'd like to see a new story arc that ends with some new STFs. New sets on an equal footing to the current ones would be nice. Perhaps a new ungated shuttle mission.

I'd like to see KDF get some love. They could really do with a few more ships and dare I say it a shuttle that equals the Yellowstone and Delta.

I'd like to see Bridges released for the Member vessels of both the KDF (Gorn, Nausican, Orion) and Starfleet (Andorian, Catian, Vulcan).

And I'd really like a way to get the Yellow Plasma Weapons the Undine use.