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05-19-2012, 05:17 PM
Captain's Log.

The Viper is heading towards the Badlands, tasked to locate a True Way base they have been using as a base for pirate raiding. I hate raiders. Always have. They have no comp....

Captain Stunshock paused and looked up as the bridge of his Defiant class ship shifted, the lighting rigging turning dark blue. Frowning, he straightened up in his chair and turned to the tactical station.

"Talaina. Have we just cloaked?"

"Yes sir."


"I.... I don't know."

Talaina's white eyebrows furrowed as she frowned, running diagnostics.

"I'm not reading any power surges. Diagnostics check out."

Her antenna curled in frustration.

"The Cloak was not engaged here."

Stunshock turned to his science officer.
"Emony? Any space related items nearby that could cause this?"

"No sir." The trill responded. "Nothing is on sensors."

Stunshock wrinkled his nose as the lights shifted back to normal.

"We've decloaked."

"Full stop. Bridge to Engineering."


"Gweevle? Where's Bosip?"

"Running diagnostics. He's a little busy at the moment, we've suffered malfunctions across the ship simultaniously."
"Any theories?"


The comm suddenly exploded with the sound of Roy Orbison's Ooby Dooby, causing Stunshock to wince. The ship cloaked again and gravity shifted to 0.5 earth normal. Gently getting to his feet, Stunshock looked to Talaina.

"You have the conn."
__________________________________________________ __________________

As Stunshock entered engineering, the ship cloaked again for the fourth time. Ooby Dooby still blared across the comm channels. Quickly glancing around, he spotted the wirey bald frame of Gweevle with his unusually long arms.

"Gweevle. Where's Bosip?"

The alien pointed towards a Jeffries tube.

"He's traced the problem to one of the primary ODN conduits."

Gweevle scurried off and started scanning the cloaking device as it powered down again. Stunshock moved to the hatch and crawled in. He hated crawling through these things, his limbs were too long. But he'd had enough practice during his time as an Engineer. He pulled himself along, feeling the ship cloak yet again before he turned a corner and saw the beefy form of his chief engineer.

"Bosip! Who broke my ship?"

He heard a thump and some cursing from the Andorian. Eventually he extracted himself from the ODN junction box, frowning.

"Whoever did it made a real mess. Cables have been half burned through. It's causing feedback loops and power surges throughout the ship."
"Possibly. This kind of thing doesn't happen naturally. I'll have Roderick start sweeping the ship. And when he finds the culprit, I'm gonna ring his neck for breaking my baby like this. It'll take hours to replace all these damaged systems."
"Shift aside a moment, let me look."

Stunshock manouvered himself into the space Bosip had just left. Sure enough, alot of the cables had been burnt through. But there was something familiar about it.

"Oh don't tell me."

He shifted on his side so he could be a bit more comfortable and tapped his comm badge.

"Emony. Scan the ship for Silicon based lifesigns."

"You mean-"

"Yep. I think that's the trouble."

"Just a moment. You're right. In the next section."

Stunshock shook his head.

"Start repairing these systems as soon as you can Bosip."

Stunshock crawled through the Jeffries Tube. Reaching the door to the next section, he forced them open as the ship once again cloaked. Pulling himself through, he heard a familiar churgling sound. Sitting in a dissolved section of bulkhead sat the cause of the problems.

"JEFF! What have I told you about tunneling through the ship? Sometimes I wonder why I let you follow Emony and me out of that mine. Now come on. You've caused alot of problems."

As Stunshock turned and started making his way back to Engineering, the baby Horta burned the word "Sorry" into the deck and started following.