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05-19-2012, 07:19 PM
Hi there, a few thoughts from a fellow Recon Sci vessel Captain:

I am also giving Polaron weapons a try vs my original choice of phasers. I thought that the phaser proc of a chance to disable a subsystem might be a good match for the subsystem targeting ability but so far have been doing fine with the polarons... perhaps with their proc I will lower power in a targeted subsystem (?) and they are a nice pretty purple so easier to see :-)

A popular weapons load out for the RSV, being the fastest turning (base turn rate of 13) and most tactically flavoured of all the Fed Sci vessels is 2x Dual Beam Arrays plus a torp of choice up front, with 3x turrets rear to maximize forward dps. Having the beams up front also is effective for subsystem targeting which is a "free" ability and can be very handy for dropping your enemy's shields, engines, weapons, etc. The load out would benefit from your current Tac boff abilities, which are the same as mine.

I don't believe using only 1 Neutronium Eng console is enough. There are only 2 slots and would recommend using Neutroniums in both, as we don't have too much hull, already have a 1.3x shield modifier, so the stacking resistances 2 would provide are important for survival.

Don't discount using the Borg retro set which is not only cheap at 5 EDC each per component, but seems to have some inherent abilities that I find match the RSV and Sci vessels in general well... The shields are resilient so less bleed though is good given little hull and the regen rate is very quick. The deflector adds +5 to aux which is good for any sci vessel. A 2 piece set adds a hull regen proc which comes in handy as we have little hull, with the 3 pc set adding a shield regen proc, and when combined with their already fast regen rate possibly negating the use of a shield emitter amp for a faster shield regen, but I've found adding a field generator Sci console is still needed, at least in elite STF's. Also popular is using the Borg engines and deflector with the Maco shields, which spec wise are pretty well the best in the business.

A few other misc points... you may want to consider using EP2W1 as one of your Eng abilities for even more DPS, combined with the CRF, if you go with the 2x Dual Beam Array setup. I realize a tractor beam isn't a personal preference for you but a Sci ship without a tractor beam is in some respects missing a key controlling ability IMHO. Given that, it's your build and you have an agenda in mind so go with what you like. My personal pref is not only TB, but TBR as well to hold or throw the enemies around. Using the Enhanced Plasma Manifold is a great choice for added Aux pwr and shield boost. A ship device to consider (if you can afford them) is the uncommon batteries such as Shields plus Aux, or the other 2 variants, W +Aux or Eng +Aux. It's nice getting a boost in 2 areas for the price of only 1 device slot.

The RSV is a great ship. Part of the fun with STO is experimenting with builds that best accomplish your objectives.

My 2 cents :-)