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05-19-2012, 07:34 PM
Originally Posted by danqueller
What -is- true is that certain ships are designed to maximize the skills of certain types of commanders. A Tactical captain can make a good Cruiser captain, but will never be as good at taking damage as an Engineer in the same ship, anymore than that same Engineer would be able to match the damage output of the Tactical captain in the same Escort. That's just how both are trained. However, that does not mean Captains who prefer a more balanced mix of capabilities cannot be successful in ships that are other than their recommended class of ship...only that they will not be specialists (with the resultant drop in ability in the role they normally would fill being a given).

Aesthetics definitely play a part here. I never bought any of the Federation c-store cruisers because I couldn't make sense of the design or couldn't bring myself to like them even after a few months.

The Assault Cruiser appeals to me because it works. I made it work, then realized paying $20 for something 'slightly' better makes absolutely no sense.

As a rule of thumb too virtually none of my characters conform to the usual "min max" rule.

My tactical is specced for maximum survivability and hull heals (and specialized in energy weapon criticals), my engineer is specced for maximum torpedo damage and scientific skills.

Despite the unusual builds I use, all of them work perfectly fine and its versatility that gives me a place in ESTF teams - not the premades or EliteSTF ones but the PUGs that always require a bit of extra flexibility from your ship in order to ensure mission success for everyone.

I'm also not continuing the cruiser discussion because I see no point being driven to purchase ships I don't need (my assault cruiser stays as is, its perfect for damage, tanking and engineering support). Now I fly a science vessel as a fast attack ship with riot control abilities, specced for maximum speed, durability, and torpedo firepower.

For anyone who says STFs are DPS oriented... well, I did fine in a cruiser and a science ship hitting way harder than anyone expects. And the Escorts are the least favourite of my ships.