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05-19-2012, 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by Hoellefeuer
That means your allies will not have to endure enemy fire as long as they would if you were in an AC.
Yes, and what I'm telling you is that you are completely wrong.

1 Lt Tac Comm vs. 1 Lt Tac & 1 Ensign Tac will not suddenly see you doing that much more damage.

It really is not as much extra damage as you seem to think it is.

Originally Posted by Hoellefeuer
The most important thing is to blow stuff up in that case.
The ship class that blows stuff up is not Cruisers, and the Excelsior's slightly better tactical layout will not suddenly make you a damage dealer.

I'm sorry, but I run Elite STFs nightly.

I run them on teams that complete the optional with 6-8 minutes left to spare.

And after countless log parsings, different ship configurations the Excels I've run across do not out DPS the ACs, Dread and other Cruisers by any significant margin at base.

The Cruisers that significantly out-DPS other Cruisers all have a single thing in common: A Tactical Captain.

Originally Posted by carmenara
The Assault Cruiser appeals to me because it works. I made it work, then realized paying $20 for something 'slightly' better makes absolutely no sense.
There is nothing wrong with the AC, it's a very good ship.

It only trades options vs. Excel and loses a few toys vs. the Dread. The Odyssey has a clear survivability and flexibility advantage vs. all of the others.

If you really like the look of the other ships, or have some reason for wanting to fly one - then go for it.

If your question is solely performance based, I think you can safely stick with the AC.