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05-19-2012, 11:01 PM
Discovered something interesting. The mission is supposed to pay out per block, but (for me, anyway), it's only paying out per Empire. I'm not teamed, I see the sector and block names come up as I tour and get checked off the mission list, I hear the "block complete" sound effect, but out of 13 blocks, I only get the block rewards and see the reward popup on 7 of them.

My route starts at ESD, goes through AC, around IP, completes AC, then across PV. I see a single reward payout only on completing PV (Romulan), not on completing AC or IP. Similarly, Federation space pays out after finishing PI, REG, and SIR; Cardi space only pays out after visiting AT, ZA and BU.

EE, GO, Pelia and Orellius all pay out as expected, you can think of them as their own one-block empires.

To verify, I ran part of a second tour backwards: All the way south from ESD, across REG, through PC, up through PV, across AC, and around IP. Nothing paid out until until I went south and completed the final block of AC (which paid out once), then continued south and finished REG (which again paid out once).

So, are people actually seeing 13 block payouts from a tour?