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05-20-2012, 02:21 AM
1) Civilian ships

2) story completion

3) Iconians brought in as new threat, Borg go back to a more unpredictable random battle/encounter role.

4) customizable ship interiors

5) more mini-games

6) random generation foundry ground maps. Think old SimCity you select vegitation amount, water amount, and elevation variation amount and map is randomly generated.

7) Level cap increased

8) more captain skill points

9) GPL / LOBI merged into 1 currency

10) Dabo, Poker mini-game betting with EC

11) functional holo-decks for Fed and KDF being foundry mission selection start point on ships

12) shuttle bay in ship interior for ship selection

13) multi part Halloween mission for creation of Borg Enhanced Android Candidate (options for all three classes)

14) rechargable batteries, and boost boots brought back in an event.

15) Non Borg related STF mission.