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05-20-2012, 04:49 AM
The reason for the fracturing is quite simple to understand, Cryptic is a bad company. They have no clue whatsoever how to PR or deal with their player base and think they can get away with the same sort of tactics a big company like EA can do. None of the fracturing is the players fault, its just peoples way of dealing with the crap the playerbase has had to deal with over the past year or so.

Ever notice how when something bad happens like the lockbox hate, the lobi store hate, the unfinished state some of the last FE episodes appeared in, the fact the FE's might not get made again, whenever a dev opens his mouth without thinking..... The devs are unusally quiet, This is "sticking your fingers in your ears and going la,lalalalalla" syndrome, and while it does work for large faceless companys who can afford their player base to up and leave, its not good when your game is your main breadwinner and is in a poor state and reliant on people sticking with it. And because this is Cryptics only stratagy with dealing with the public, the resentment that is generated grows with every case of it, eventually people snap and thus you get the "rage posts".

Now how can Cryptic fix the community problems.... First they could be more open with us, tell us what their future plans are along with weekly progress reports, this would give the community something solid to focus on and with weekly reports (and screenshots) would show us that progress is being made. All this secrecy is no good when you have a cheesed off community...

When a news bombshell hits, there shouldnt be a wait of days, weeks, ever.. for an official cryptic reply ... there should be a prompt message by Dsthal about the incident and providing cryptics stance on it, in the modern age of digital comunications and smartphones there is no excuse of no official responce.

As for how to fix the lockbox hate.... We all know cryptic needs the lockboxes to generate income but there are ways to be more fair about it... The lobi store had potential to do that, what cryptic should have done was have a lot of "nice" items at a resonable lobi cost. Most normal people with normal realworld responsiblitys are only going to throw around $10 - $25 on a game of chance, the lobi store should have had some "nice" items in there for around that price (and have the items be account unlocks), by doing this they are more likely to pry that $10 - $25 out of the players wallets than the current stratagy of relying on the players with OCD who MUST have the prized item and cheesing the rest of the normal box openers off. Also shrinking the size of the ingame lockbox down to the same as the normal drop loot containers and maybe reducing the frequency of them by a touch would be nice as well.

But with all that said we all know cryptic are not going to change and will continue with their "stick finger in ears and go lalalallalal" statagy....... and thus peeved off players will continue to rant !