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05-20-2012, 05:00 AM
A well written post OP. Inclined to agree with you as well. However, I think we are simply seeing people who care for STO really just reaching the end of their fuse. We all have a limit, and for some that has been reached resulting in the rage posts that we see more and more.

I do kind of feel sorry for Cryptic in a way, Atari shafted them by forcing release early (although Cryptic shouldn't have said 18 months for an MMO in the first place). They were then playing catch up for a good year getting things in place which should have been at launch.

Atari then put them up for sale, thinned out their ranks reducing capability before selling them off to PWE. Cryptic then has to make a huge effort to convert the game to F2P, whilst having to bow to pressure from PWE and appeal to CBS when they wanted to include new ships etc. There is a lot to be said about their PR team, having made some spectacular **** ups over the years but then again nobodies perfect. In the mean time, they have to retrain staff and going through the changes from Dan to a new EP then back to Dan. Can imagine high level changes can really affect a team.

I don't condone the lock boxes, the lack of new content... in some respects Cryptic needs to grow a backbone and start saying no to PWE. However, given the current economic situation are you really going to bite the hand that feeds you and risk losing everything? Not being funny but the Chinese historically haven't reacted well to people saying no!

I say, lets wait for season 6. They're hard at work on that, I do however think that this may be the final straw for a lot of us. If there are no real improvements coming a lot may well move (Guild Wars 2 anyone?).