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05-20-2012, 04:01 AM
In my experience, it is very much possible to make a cruiser setup that can deal enough dps to takeover an escort role in elite stfs. Because although the escort will about always win dps-wise, at some point, there's such a thing as having sufficient dps for the task at hand.

The big question however is how you go about it. Fire At Will isn't the best way to take out large numbers because the dps per target will be so low they can naturally regenerate from it. Focused fire will make you go through things much faster.

As for running 100 weapon power all the time, theoretically it can be done by combining EPtW, EPS and Energy Siphon. Add things like Nadion Inversion and a Warp Core Engineer, and you can get pretty close. But you won't need it.