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05-20-2012, 05:30 AM

I'm not much of a forum lurking guy but do like to announce the release of my KDF mission "Borg Blitz".

STO wiki page here

"The player is called to the T'Kanis nebula to join forces against the Borg. The general in command of the strike force, a Gorn General named Ss'Aggh, orders the player to penetrate deeper into the nebula in an attempt to find out why the Borg seem to be appearing out of nowhere.

While the player gathers answers, the rest of the strike force is being called to defend the Qo'noS system, where the Borg now have turned up. The player soons joins the conflict there, but arriving late, things have already turned bad there, and after saving a few distinguished members of the Klingon society from their disabled shuttlecraft, the player is ordered to deliver them to the border of Federation Space.

There, the player is asked to join a combined Klingon / Federation counter attack based on the player's gathered data to cripple the Borg's advantage and save the Klingon Empire from a certain fate."

I put in quite some work, and I'm quite content about how it turned out.

Feel free to provide feedback etc, above all: enjoy!


ps. I have created an earlier mission, which was my first Foundry brew: Outpost Gaia. Needless to say, this new mission has a bit more polish and spunk.