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05-20-2012, 05:52 AM
There is no single 'community', there never has been. I never get why people think there is and keep saying things about what the 'community' wants. People have different interests in the game and have had them since before beta. My interests are solo missions, the foundry, space fleet actions, I also enjoy space stfs, but not elite ones due to the escort factor. I don't like ground missions without my crew, and have no use for them with other people. What I WOULD like is ground missions WITH my crew AND other people and the crew they have.

I don't care about pvp, or Klingons, or other factions. I've got no gripe with FTP, I got my LTS based on betting the game lasted longer than the cost of the $240 in monthly sub fees which it did as of June 2011, so far as I'm concerned I've been FTP since then. I've got no problem with lockboxes or the c-store, or plus one ships, I've never been forced to buy anything. I do not like the time gating, the events should be for bonus rewards, but the Invasion and Vault shuttle should be always on. I don't have a problem with the academy event being gated due to how it happens in a regular zone.

My major concerns are the lack of new FE missions and I'd like to see group space content that isn't slanted towards wanting people in escorts. I'd like to see more red alert type things against different enemies, when a red alert pops up it might be Romulans, Klingons, True way, Mirror, Borg, based on the sector, with Borg being everywhere.
I want a much larger galaxy to play in with more systems in every sector, I want random distress calls, I want exploration to be more than circling in a box.

Those are some of the things I care and don't care about. Others will have different issues, some that I agree with and others that I won't, the same way they'll feel about my issues.