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05-20-2012, 07:41 AM
Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
I don't believe I said unified community? The thread focus and sumup clearly indicates that I think the good core of elaborate ideas, conversation and observation has been lost recently.

A post like yours for example, despite missing the OP point, is in fact what I think is very rare to see.

Posts that have substance and is more than a paragraph or just a few lines, posts that are purely sarcasm or plain trolling/flaiming the devs for the work they do is not really useful for the dev's as I am sure they go "meh... just a rant" when they read it and then they don't wan't to read... I certainly would'n want to if I were them...

The posts that really matter are the ones that analyze the problem, and offer a solution to the problem, and then motivates people from the other side to give a equally elaborate pro response.
THOOSE are the posts that can give the devs an idea of what direction to go... not some "***or thiz ship sux" post.

A united stand IS impossible... And the day everyone agrees on what should be done, is the day the game dies... H*ell... I bet even the Devs disagree on what should be done with individual elements...
But that's not the point... Or the topic.