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05-20-2012, 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
Guys, things like 4 gig ram, GTS 8800, dual core, and the words high end pc weren't a clue? Peek at the date of the OP,'re giving zombie tech advice 27 months late.:p
Never the less a Dual core shouldnt be a single problem, but it does depend on the speed of the Dual cores :p It should be overclocked for the best performance.

Problem with this game is that it only supports 2 threads, so more then a quad core will hardly gain you anything.

Also the HUD/GUI/UI of this game is being drawn by the processor and seems to be only drawn/showed by one CPU thread. So especially if there is alot of stuff on the screen, lots of ships, lots of reticles, etc, the game just slows down even i you have the fastest GPU around for $500+

I think this game would get alot faster as soon as the update this old UI and make it so that the GPU actually accelerates it.