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05-20-2012, 09:20 AM
If you insist on using the Galaxy-X, then Engineer is the only real option. The only cruisers tac captains can be effective in is the Excelsior, Galor, and a few specialized D'Kora and Assault Cruiser builds. Anything else should be left to the engineers.

However, anything in the Galaxy is pretty much a waste of time. It doesn't have the offensive power of an assault cruiser or excelsior, lacks the healing potential of a star cruiser, isn't as versatile as a loldyssey, and its "amazing" offensive weapon (which is pretty decent, but locks you into using only phasers, when Borg cubes are immune to phaser proc) fires on a very narrow arc. If you plan on using the phaser lance, it is going to impair your ability to broadside (because the turn rate sucks) and reduce your damage potential.