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05-20-2012, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by Nick_Riker
If you insist on using the Galaxy-X, then Engineer is the only real option. The only cruisers tac captains can be effective in is the Excelsior, Galor, and a few specialized D'Kora and Assault Cruiser builds. Anything else should be left to the engineers.

However, anything in the Galaxy is pretty much a waste of time. It doesn't have the offensive power of an assault cruiser or excelsior, lacks the healing potential of a star cruiser, isn't as versatile as a loldyssey, and its "amazing" offensive weapon (which is pretty decent, but locks you into using only phasers, when Borg cubes are immune to phaser proc) fires on a very narrow arc. If you plan on using the phaser lance, it is going to impair your ability to broadside (because the turn rate sucks) and reduce your damage potential.
Speak for yourself. I am a Tac Captian in a Galaxy X and a Galaxy R. I do great in STF Elite. I rarely die and I can take on cubes by myself. Since we have this "god awful" turn rate you have to get weapons thats that improve your arcs and engineering abilities to heal your shields fast enough while you turn slow. You need torpedo spread because you get more in a volley and they don't miss. Torpedos do a better hull punch than beams. The difference between Photon and Quantum torpedos is that photons take down the shield faster and Quantums take down hull faster. You have to decide which is most effective for you. Cannons you can only use for a short time to bring down the borg shields because the borg will take your shield face down really quickly.
I for one have tried this combination:

(Front) Galaxy X
1 Phaser Beam,
2 Phaser Heavy Cannons
1 Duel Beams/ 1 torpedo

2 Phaser Beams
1 Harp' ping Torpedo
1 Photon Torpedo/ Quantum Torpedo

(Front) Galaxy R
3 Beams
1 Torpedo

2 Beams
1 Photon/Quantum Torpedos
1 Harp' ping Torpedo

Note: Boost your hull rate to 53,000 and above, and your Shields need to be 12,000 and above. You will need Positron Deflector at lvl XII add 24 or more to Structural integrity and shields. You will need Covarient shields that reach over 7,000 HP. The best is MKXII , rating at 7,227 with regeneration at 137. You will also need 2 Shield Field generators science consoles to boost shield capacity, and 1 Shield Emitter engineering console to boost shield power level. Make sure you have EPE BOFF power to help you turns faster in conjuction with evasive manuver to help you turn to your undamaged side and get out of range of attacker.

You have to do alot of STF grinding to get those lvl 12 items.