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05-20-2012, 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by daiouvegeta View Post
I have the galaxy x also and have used it many times in elite stfs. It's not as durable as the odyssey shield, hull, and heal wise, and not as offensively boff powered as an assault cruiser but it can hold its own with a tac captain. It has all of the necessary parts to be able to tank well and can broad side like any other cruiser.

When I want to use the lance, I just hit Evasive Maneuvers and slam it into reverse so I can spin on a dime and fire the lance off, hit full impulse and off I go back to broadsiding, not really all that difficult to aim the lance.
It is an assualt cruiser and have same offensive power and more. It has the same BOFF and cosole layout as the Solvereign. You would know this if you remember when the Captain skill tree was divided by ship class. Your hull rating by default is less than an Odyssey by 2000 hp but you can move faster in one direction and have a "first strike" weapon to take down the Borg's shields then your use connons and torpedos for the kill. The Odyssey can't do that because its stuck with beams and torpedos. Plus you can't just sit in one spot and heal because if the Borg cube hits you with plasma torpedo while your hazard emitters is in cooldown, your hull will be eaten faster than you can heal. My Galaxy X is way better in STF than my Odyssey becuase I can hit and run faster. Odyssey you can't do much hiting because you can't arm cannons, thats why DPS does so well in STF.