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# 1 New player looking for Fleet.
05-20-2012, 03:29 PM
Hello all, I am new to STO and prefer to have group of people to talk/play with, therefore I am currently looking for a fleet. I am not a fan of the blind invite, so I have turned down at least 8 fleet invites from people that did not even say hello first.

I play quite a bit, am located on the East Coast of the US, I have vent, mumble and TS3 installed. I do not really care which program is used, but I do like to be able to chat with people while playing.

I am more of a PvE player but will do some PvP with a group. I have also been trying out the current events and I have been using the LFG tool to join borg/alternate universe fleet actions (with mixed results).

I would prefer a very active fleet. My captain is currently lvl 28 and rising quickly (at least to me). If anyone is interested in adding a new member please send me a whisper in-game @ Delrael. Or simply respond to this thread and I will look you up.