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05-20-2012, 05:13 PM
I use a nebula retrofit, it's certainly not weak. I think the problem is that there's nothing a science ship can do that a carrier can't, (unless you count maneuvering in a confined space) AND it has fighters too.

Anyhow I've gone for crowd control and confusion in mine

Polarize hull 1, Science team 2
tac team1, beam fire at will 2
Engineer team 1, emergency power to auxiliary 2, eject warp plasma 1
Science commander:
transfer shield strength 1, tyken's rift 1, scramble sensors 2, gravity well 3
Science ensign:
Hazard emitters 1
I have a 3 part borg set with Maco mk 12 shield.
Weapons are 2 dual disruptor beams and a photon torp forward, two disruptor arrays and a Breen cluster torpedo aft.