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05-20-2012, 07:52 PM
ok, one last time. Any extra amount of damage that kills a target means a target can kill your allies slightly less. even .01 seconds of less enemy fire means .01 seconds of less enemy fire .

I am not saying the excel is an escort. I am saying the excel has greater potential dps than the ac simply because of the lt com slot, but I shall say you state that it is an insignificant amount.

Stating you run stfs nightly does not indicate your superiority in the ac\excel comments. I can and have done the same thing. As I seem to mention in many other things. That bit of information is interesting, yet irrelevant. The important information is when all things are equal, what is more favorable for a given parameter.

Yes, a tac captain will always do greater dps in any given ship over any other class. I am not arguing that point. What I did aregue is that all things being equal, the excel can do more damage. This may be as you state, an insignificant amount, but it is present.

With excel v. the ac. The ac has the adv of more survivability, the excel more firepower, however insignificant that may be according to your parser. Neither are bad ships.

STFs are setup for dps to be the most important factor, at least for the optional. Based, on that, if you look only at performance, the excel will beat out in damage.

When you look at other factors, that damage lead may appear insigificant. Such as you examples: The AC can ALMOST have the same firepower as the excel. It is free for good measure, well if you want to use your ra token on it.

So yes, many people will take your view on it, based upon the cost considerations. It is referred to as a cost benefit analysis. Someone who believes in achieving maximium benefit is quite willing to pay through the nose for something.

looking at it one last time. Only looking at these 2 ships and their firepower.
excel = more damage than ac
excel = more cost to acquire than ac.

I think this is an accurate summary of our belief concerning this debate.
IF a person believes additional firepower is desirable, and is willing to spend time\money the excel wins.

The Excel does not have enough of an advantage in damage to worth the cost, in addition to being squishier than the AC.

As neither will be able to convince the other, I will not offer anymore replies to the ac\excel debate.

I suggest this. The OP has more than enough opinions on the excel and the ac (and he should have included them in the forum title for us ) And a smattering of opinions of other ships. Let's see if he has any questions based on the information he has recieved thus far and attempt to help in either further refining his ship selection or his boff\doff selection.