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05-20-2012, 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Can you customize eyes in the game? Can eyes alone identify someone in the game?

More to the point, I think the issue is covering lawsuits.

If I recreate Shatner (and you know I can), someone COULD associate my (hypothetical) "Kirk kills a puppy" mission with Shatner killing puppies. It might influence their opinion of Shatner if they saw him on the street.

If I create Dukat, nobody will mistake him for Marc Alaimo on the street. If Dukat kills a puppy, it doesn't reflect on Marc Alaimo or create associations that would make it difficult for him to sell puppy chow with his likeness.
The kill the puppy part doesn't matter. These actors want money, especially if they are Trek actors who haven't worked since Trek.. They get money for their image. If they don't get money when their image is used, they sue. It doesn't matter if they are killing puppies or promoting Heinekin beer (as Nimoy sued).

There is a dukat in the trek universe. If the actor found out that he was in a video game without getting royalties, he could sue. He wouldn't really care whether he was killing puppies or not.