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05-20-2012, 09:50 PM
First contact all the way. The scene where that stupid LT and his equally stupid crew were poking at the alien in their cargo bay is a good example. The aliens broke in, DID NOT KILL anyone and just took there man.

I am an ex-Navy Petty Officer First Class and let me tell you folks something, NO ONE is that fraking dumb. No one just joinns the Navy at 26 years old and becomes an Officer. They need a college degree and a trip to OCS and follow on training. This idiot was too old to go to the Academy in Annapolis, MD. And further more a LCDR wears shoulder boards that have two thick gold stripes seperated by a skinny gold stripe which in turn are spaced by black on either side (awards ceremony scene).

The USS Missouri would have most likely ripped itself in half pulling that little anchor drop stunt not to mention that crew of 'Old Salts' would most likely have died of coronary infauction the minute they saw that alien ship. And for fraks sake, a foriegn military commander would NEVER EVER be given command under any circumstances of a US Combat vessel or any or any other vessel to say the least. And where were the JNAP callsigns? And I think OS2 Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty could have just left her cover in the water, it really was not that important!

I think this movie had potential, great effects but horrid storyline and cheesy Battleship the Game references! I wish the aliens would have won.