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05-21-2012, 01:10 AM
There is so much wrong in this post, I don't even know where to begin.

1) Tac captains will increase the DPS of ANY Cruiser they fly, more than having a Lt Comm Tac station will. The latter is so thoroughly outclassed by the former that it's not even in the same galaxy with regards to damage increase.

2) Galaxy has the same or better offensive options as the Assault Cruiser. If you think 1 point of base turn rate suddenly makes the Assault Cruiser some super offensive monster, you are either mistaken or lying on purpose.

3) I've already covered this in #1, as well as another thread. 1 Lt Comm Tac Boff option is a very nice option, it is not some massive offensive increase.

4) You don't have to broadside anything, you can just sit right on top of big targets like cubes and when you're ready to fire the lance tilt ever so slightly downward. You won't even take your beam arrays off target when you do this. Even bringing targets like Negh'var is not an issue as they move laughably slow. If you're using the lance on anything smaller, you are wasting your time and your 3 min cooldown.

5) "lacks the healing potential of a star cruiser" - It's 1 ensign Sci power. It's nice to have if you want an extra Sci power, but let's not exaggerate.

The difference between most of the top end cruisers is borderline cosmetic.
atleast someone here knows what to do...I 100% agree with your 5 statements.

i just want to add, that the ship you fly is only partially important to your performance in stf's
More important are your skill, Boff layout, weapons (phasers in that case), tactics.

if you want to deal dmg, go buy an escort. If you want to tank and support get a cruiser...not necessarely the galaxy x. A tactical captain will allways deal more dmg, while an engi will survive a harder beating. As i see it, in stf's DMG is more important than surviving. An engi captain in an escort can even tank a tactical cube with some support from the rest of the grp. (aceton beam, borading party, etc...)

PS: you don't even need to sit ontop of targets, just raise your nose 45...your rear arrays should be able to fire on large targets like gates and cubes, while your front torpedos or lance can still fire on target. works only with large targets.