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05-21-2012, 01:23 AM
1) Creates a larger margin of error for success. When PUGs explode less, their effective DPS over time increases significantly, and less frustration means superior team morale. Team heals are responsible for fully 80% of my friend's list.

2) Creates an environment of 'watching each others back' using leadership by example. By mid-map you may notice the PUGs sharing their team heals with you or each other. Or even thanking your extend shields with their extra Tactical Team.

3) Other PUG pilots too are encouraged to learn to create mutually supportive ship loadouts, and if your cruiser is effective in both DPS and team support, they may want to PM you for some tips later on.

4) Imagine you're expecting the worst with a possibly 'newbie' team in Cure. Your attack doctrine is to stay as far away as possible from the enemy so as to evade aggro easily. Suddenly, you see the Blue healing beam heading towards you. You can now assault the enemy with MAX DPS with superior damage resistance and not fear enemiy fire.

5) It is with superior cruiser piloting that I learn how to increase the survivability and DPS for other ship types including Birds of Prey, science vessels and fleet escorts - and not just make them successful builds but give them the ability to support the team with buffs and repairs too. It's the idea that counts.

6) All the above, applied to multiple ship types across an entire task force or fleet, makes possible new Elite STF tactics. Flying escorts all the time is just boring.
found that to be very true.

when i fly my cruiser, i tank...i keep the aggro while others can deal dmg.
But that only works for infected, and more or less KA. The cure is a dmg run more than the other 2, and sadly most PUG's i encountered can't deliver that dmg. If the guy in the escort can't take out 3 raptors before they reach the kang...than no amount of healing can save the kang. And since tanking becomes irrelevant I'm pretty much useless in my cruiser.