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05-21-2012, 01:34 AM
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
Hi folks welcome to a new feature - The PVP Weekly Update.

Every Friday before I leave the office for the day Iím going to jump into the PVP forums and give you an update. It may be a small update or it might be a big update. It may be a very simple ďthere is nothing notable to report this week, how is everyone doing?Ē sort of thing. Or, it could be ďhere is a list of big things that are on their way to you on Tribble. Go take a look and tell me what you thinkĒ sort of post.

Whatever it is, itís going to happen every week.

Todayís Topic Ė State of PVP in STO.

Put simply, the current state of PVP in STO = FAIL

I donít think I can be any clearer on this point. You the players donít like it, we the developers donít like it and all the data we pull from the servers backs up the statement as well. Now, we could start discussing why PVP is the way it is. There are lots of reasons, some you as players know and some you donít. Discussing that particular topic wouldnít move us forward, now is not the time to figure out who is to blame for what and why.

It is however time to move forward. The first question we (the developers) had to ask ourselves is can PVP be saved?

I donít use the word ďSavedĒ lightly. I donít mean fixed, updated, or fun. I literally mean saved.

Now, what Iím about to tell you is going to scare a few people, itís going to make some of you angry. Itís not meant to do either of those things, and please donít read into anything I type. Iím not trying to be sarcastic, blame you the players for anything, or infer that the opinions of the players in STO that care about PVP donít matter . I just want to make sure you understand where we are at in this process.

Right now because PVP is in such bad shape that we (the developers) have to decide if we think we can turn this problem around. Participation in PVP related activities is so low on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis that we could in fact just completely take it out of STO and it would not impact the overall number of people that log in to the game and play in any significant way.

SeeÖ I told you.. scary. I know, some of you are reading this and getting angry. I understand but this is simply the bare naked truth.

Cryptic is a business and everything that makes up STO requires resources to develop, implement, and maintain. I think itís pretty obvious that since the launch of STO that PVP has not had a fair share of those resources allocated to it. This fact is the primary reason PVP is in the state that itís currently in.

Something has to be done, PVP cannot stay the way that it is now. We either have to try to save it, or take it out of the game completely. We have to allocate resources in order to save it and thatís where I come into the picture.

Right this moment, Iím the only resource PVP gets. My job is to figure out if I can find a way to improve the entire system in a way that does not impact development of the rest of the game in any significant way. Itís going to be a challenge to put it mildly, but Iím going to try. Iím going to do my best to make PVP a viable STO gameplay feature that appeals to a much larger audience than it does now.

Itís simply going to have to get better and appeal to a much larger group of players on a regular basis if itís going to survive. This also means that many of you are not going to like the changes I am forced to make in order to meet these goals, but before you get too upset at something I change you might want to consider the alternative, which would be no PVP at all.

There are big changes coming to PVP, some I think you are going to like, others no so much because no one likes change. Some are not going to make a whole lot of sense at the time because you wonít be seeing the whole long term plan I have in store for PVP over the course of the next year or so.

As far as these forums go, keep in mind that much of what is bothering you right now at this particular time in the current implementation of the PVP system isnít something Iím really going to get very involved with. Itís all going to have to change, and change in a very big way. Iím not going to spend much time trying to solve an current issue you might have right at this very moment when there is a very high probability that a month or two down the road a large scale change to the PVP system in general is going to solve the issue.

Here is an example..

I see lots of threads about KDF players having access to gear that FED players do not. This isnít going to be a problem in the new system since their will not be any FED vs KDF PVP. All PVP in the new system will be cross faction queues.

More information in next weekís edition..

Have a good weekend.

I been gone from playing STO to SWTOR but found myself still returning to STO only because the pvp is so addicting.

One you understand power management, shield distribution ( tied to space bar), and skills/powers. You literally are unkillable in any vessel, if you know its limits.

Escort can run
Cruiser can tank
SV can tank and run
Once learned it takes teamwork to kill anyone except well placed burst.

One of the posters in this thread said he ďwish he played pvp earlierĒ
The bracket system does not get enough people below VA.

Why not combine Lt-VA arena pvp add a value to each ship like
Runabout -1
Captain yahtsCorvette-2
Lt ship -Light frigate-3
4 -9
VA -Battle cruisers-10

So it would take 10 players on runabouts for one player in carrier captain/VA ship.

Now anyone can play any ship in pvp.
Now captains stats depending on what lvl will need to be brought up to VA lvl to compete for the lack of level equipment..

OPEN SPACE PVP is number one.

Just give the players the abilite to make their own pvp maps and each week you pick one and we make it that weeks battle zone . place 3-16 territory control areas and we will fight for them for lets say some pvp valor system. Then you add some ranking system for the valor = WIN with little effort .

Letís say each battle zone is a 100 point system each side will get 100 point s= 100 runabouts or 10 carriers/VA or 33 Lt ship or a mix u get the pic.

Start a bounty on players heads if it gets high enough they grab a extra point on there ships value so VA ship with high bounty now cost 11 points instead of 10 make it go to max of 15. So great players will have to switch ship to let bounty cool off if they want to not handicap there team. This will make guild premades have to switch it up. To keep facerolling pugs, this will give a pug player a better chance on winning. It will also help pugs ďput together groupsĒ earn medals better gear.

Kerrat is always full, this mean everyone really want Open space pvp really bad. This was always a request.

There will always be something op and you can never always fix everything but in STO so many things can seem op with good team work this cloak of opness makes for a balance game. One ship can counter everything.

For instance 1 Vulcan ship GW/EWP can counter a whole carrier team (that kills everything ) and turn the tide in the arena for his or her team.

Just FIX the BIG THINGS that are op when they come by.

Ive spent $80 dollars already on ships even before f2p just to get some weird builds going, STO is so fun because of the variety of way to spec your ship and the huge difference in some to others. None are really bad in the right hands and if pvp is going from STO I have no need to be here, no offence .

I was even looking at buying this new carrier but because of this thread I am hesitant why buy the thing if we might not have pvp soon.

Forgot to mention this is for space pvp, I would not put any effort int ground pvp so many other game can do that. SPACE is what makes STO unique focus on that PLS...