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05-21-2012, 07:32 AM
Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
I wouldn't expect any answers anytime soon guys. Personally I'll probably just stick to making up my own stuff (mostly).

Grylak you could always do what they did in Avengers. They couldn't use the Skrulls cause they were licensed to Fox with the Fantastic Four property, so they used the same guys just an alternate name. You could make an "offshoot" of the Chodak, named something else and looking slightly different.

Would be helpful if the actual Q&A thread got some answers.

At first, I was thinking this would collapse my episode, but the more I think about it, and write out various responses, I think I can make it work. Keeping it generic on past events, but work it so the story remains. they were going to be modified chodak anyway, so I could say they take on a new name in honour of their superiority. Probably work in some more speech boxes to make the connection without connections.

Maybe the name Chozrak.