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05-21-2012, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by RKRider
You young wipper snappers and your fancy MS-DOS.

It'll never catch on.

It'll never be as good as EMPIRE was played on TRS-DOS on my Tandy Model I

For you youngings....this was the REAL 1st home computer, predated Comodore Pet, apple, IBM... all of 'em

As a note... EMPIRE grew up to be CIVILIZATION by Sid Meijer
One of my all-time favourites was Empire . Back in the day my brother and I made maps of Earth and challenged my old man to beat us. We would secretly colluded using a RISK board (the old Risk with the pegs and triangles) while he took his turns. Man I must be older than I thought...

Btw this game community is still alive and well, now run by Killer Bee. A new version was released a few years back.

Iíve played almost all of these games in this thread. Here are a few more I donít think I saw mentioned:
Wolf Pack
Fantasy Empires
TSR D&D games (There were lots of them, but Dragonlance was my first hexagonal grid game)
Transport Tycoon (Now open source with active community)
Kingís Quest
Police Quest
Space Quest
Leisure Suit Larry
The Black Cauldron
Pursue the Pennant (Now Diamond Mind Baseball)