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05-21-2012, 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by RKRider
You young wipper snappers and your fancy MS-DOS.

It'll never catch on.

It'll never be as good as EMPIRE was played on TRS-DOS on my Tandy Model I

For you youngings....this was the REAL 1st home computer, predated Comodore Pet, apple, IBM... all of 'em

As a note... EMPIRE grew up to be CIVILIZATION by Sid Meijer
In 1980 we were one of a few high schools that had a omputer lab (IE a teletype terminal hooked in via acoustic 110 baud modem - three TRS-80's, on with an impact printer); and I was the senior cjass top computer nerd, already accepted to CSUN's impacted (IE they only took 300 freshmen a semester - the minimum the state required at the time) Computer Science program (was going for a programmin g degree.)

To get an easy A, I signed up sore the senior computer's class; but since the instructor know I already knew the material - he asked me instead to do a project on my own - so I decided to write a Star Wars game where you were the pilot of an X-Wing; you flew in range of the DeathStar - blew away one to three TIE fighters (random); then flew down the 'trench' avoiding a TIE fighter on your tail (if he hit you after dropping your shields, you blew up and failed) - and if you launched your proton torpedo at the right time - blew up the DeathStar <---- All on a TRS-80 Model IIII using the TRS-80's promative white line graphics and ASCII characters.

Got an A+ at the end of the year after submitting the final copy of the working game on disk, and a pritout of te BASIC source code with the comment on the printout - "I don't know how you managed to do this because I honestly cannout figure out how a good portion of your coide actually works (I guess because I used a few memory peeks and pokes to do some effects) - but I played your game for a couple of hours and it definitely works; so you code must be good, - A+".