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Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
...because I used a few memory peeks and pokes to do some effects) - but I played your game for a couple of hours and it definitely works; so you code must be good, - A+".
Said with respect ".... You hacker...."

Some of us remember when being a "hacker" was truely a compliment.

I cut my teeth on 6502, then went to 6809 (my personal fav.... no more swaping MSB/LMB) then 8088 and up the food chain...

My favorite 6809 command used in the TRS-80 CoCo was


Called an endless loop when you sent a command to the disk controller, which when finished would fire an NMI breaking the loop. If it never finished....well... hung OS!

Those where the days..... no fancy multi processor thingyies..... a processor work damned hard on one task and if it didn't go right, it just stopped. No fancy pretty boy blue screens with helpful error messages.... a real programmer had to guess!!!