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05-21-2012, 09:42 AM
Originally Posted by thibash
I use the Ferengi Missile Launcher on my cruisers and it works rather well, mainly because of the 180 degrees firing arc. It allows me to fire torpedos while broadsiding, instead of having to turn to face my target (and thus losing my aft weapons). However, the damage per torpedo is rather low, making it unsuited as a finishing move. I did read something about the launcher triggering the doff abilities to thus recharge other torpedo's more rapidly but I haven't tested it.

The console seems useful to me as it is universal, thus allowing you to boost your weapons with a science or engineering console (as if it were an additional tactical slot) and while not as focused, the overall stat bonus is comperable to normal consoles.

I haven't used the mines yet, but I noticed they have a very short cooldown.

As for the 'meeting in high places', that' refers to the set bonusses. All the Ferengi's set bonusses are non-combat related and thus you won't need the entire set if that is your aim.
ironic, that someone with that signature has 2 of the 3 ferengi set... opening boxes are you? lol be true to yourself man!