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05-21-2012, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by MallowOni
Whenever I use the Multi-Vector Advanced Escort in STFs, the AI controlled sections always find a way to get themselves killed pretty quickly. They either decide to solo a cube/gateway & ignore my target, sit on a warp core breach, or find something else that leads to them going boom.

Are they just naturally suicidal & I should get used to watching my gimmicky bits going down in flames, or is there some way I can manage/alter their behaviour to get them to live longer?
It's the AI.

The pets are dumb, don't have any method of keeping themselves alive, fly right up to warp core breaches and add a negligible amount of damage.

The redeeming quality is the boost to the PCs section.

They should be better, but they aren't and most likely never will be.