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05-21-2012, 12:47 PM
Sigh. The tier system works for the game. This is NOT EVE. This is not the show. This is STO.

Reality is you'd never see a Lt captaining any ship other then a training one. And you'd see commanders/captains flying every ship equally. you have captains of Miranda class ships, and captains of galaxys. NEITHER is better in base experience then the other.

Seriously, I've seen another game which tried putting in gameplay mechanics that it wasn't made for, and it wasn't pretty. (Halo Reach for xbox. They released a gametype which removed a mechanic of the game, and thus it became worse IMO). A brand new Star Trek MMO could try those EVE style thing. But I don't see STO being able to magically kill the tier system while adapting something like you say without loosing a massive amount of players, or outright ending up worse then before.

Edit: Also, to clear it up, I'd LOVE to see more diversity in the endgame. I'd love to see a decent sized fleet of a range of ship types, but I understand that just isn't how the game was built to work.