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05-21-2012, 12:50 PM
Most people that bother to read/post on the forums are probably aware of this, but I have seen an irritating amount of this since I've been back. Friend invites from people I've never even talked to in game, fleet invite spams from people I've never grouped with. WTH?

I think the most egregious are the kiddies trying to form their own fleet. Just a few days ago, I kept getting a team invite at the BOFF trainer. After the 3rd declined team invite, I sent him a tell asking him to stop spamming me. After the 5th, I publicly told him to stop. After the 6th one, I told him I'd flag him for harassment if he invited me again. He said "but I'm trying to form a fleet", to which I said "frickin ask people instead of spamming them". If he had just asked the first time, I would have helped, but after that...