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05-21-2012, 01:52 PM
I just found out something. I don't know why everybody talking about using cruisers to broadside an enemy when Star Trek Ships aren't made that way. Its not Star Wars, where you have these heavy laser cannons in front and aft and when you manuver right or left, all guns have same arc. In this universe and in this game, you fire at your starboard enemy and only all starboard beams fire from right while some of your port beams stay dormant. Only the sauser section fire all its beam but in the drive section the port beams won't fire starboard and starboard beams won't fire port side. All this talk about broadsiding is stetching the facts.

Only turrets can help you broadside but in this game they are weak. Why the Borg Tactical Cubes get Heavy Turrets and we can't?