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05-21-2012, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by Shadowwulfe View Post
I'm seeing alot of people just sending random invites and friend requests to any character not in a fleet. In an MMO setting that is considered rude for the invite to just be sent without first speaking to the person and finding out if he/she wishes to join your group or be your friend. A little courtesy goes along way when it comes to things people let be polite and have the fun the game was intended to be even though there are some who think they are the best.
I agree. I have been spammed every time I play, especially when I am browsing for new bridge officers or a new starship. While I am considering joining a fleet, it would be nice if they talked to me beforehand so I could get to know the person first. Getting asked out of the blue reminds me of a blind date.