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Greetings, my fellow captains.

I am doing some testing base on your feedback...

Originally Posted by Protoneous
Hi there, a few thoughts from a fellow Recon Sci vessel Captain:

I thought that the phaser proc of a chance to disable a subsystem might be a good match for the subsystem targeting ability but so far have been doing fine with the polarons... perhaps with their proc I will lower power in a targeted subsystem (?)...

A popular weapons load out for the RSV... is 2x Dual Beam Arrays plus a torp of choice up front, with 3x turrets rear to maximize forward dps. Having the beams up front also is effective for subsystem targeting which is a "free" ability and can be very handy for dropping your enemy's shields, engines, weapons, etc...

I don't believe using only 1 Neutronium Eng console is enough. There are only 2 slots and would recommend using Neutroniums in both, as we don't have too much hull, already have a 1.3x shield modifier, so the stacking resistances 2 would provide are important for survival.

Don't discount using the Borg retro set which is not only cheap at 5 EDC each per component...

A few other misc points... you may want to consider using EP2W1 as one of your Eng abilities for even more DPS, combined with the CRF, if you go with the...Beam Array setup.
Plus, this...

Originally Posted by dilbart

A few things you might want to consider:
- You're sacrificing the subsystem targeting abilities that come inherently with your ship without beams
- 3 Polaron Phase Modulators definitely provide better damage increase because they stack additively (search the forums)
- Not running any STF sets put you very far behind the pack. If you read around you'll realize they're OP.
So, take the basic template at the beginning of this thread, switch out all the turrets and cannons with Polaron Beam Arrays. Also, switch Tykens Rift I with Gravity Well I, switch Cannon: Rapid Fire I with Torpedo Spread II and switch Torpedo Spread I with Beam: Fire-At-Will. All Tactical Slots are now Polaron Phase Modulators. I also acquired the Borg Shields and the Borg Engines, which also gives me the autonomous repair ability.

Testing Grounds:

Star Base 24 Mission
- I am seeing higher individual damage values
- GW I w/ TR III combo is nasty...Incredible damage output because of other ship exploding "splash"
- Not seeing any real advantage for Target Subsystems... (feels like just one more button to push.)
- It is easier to engage multiple vessels and escape/evade/win...

Borg STFs
- I do not know if it is my imagination, but it "FEELS" like I can solo a cube
(and if I am on-my-game, it "FEELS" like I can solo a Tacticle Cude, but everything would have to go my way)
- it feels like I have an easier time "controlling" multiple probes/ratpors/spheres without help.
- I spend less time healing myself (Borg Proc)

Now, without de-tracking from anything I have said above, nothing in the above results allows for deeper "draining". Now, if we were talking about "RAW DAMAGE", I would build differently (Disruptors, etc.).

Can someone point me in a direction where drains are deeper, more consistent, longer lasting and/or harder hitting?

BTW, "THANK YOU" to everyone for your feedback, as you can tell, I take you advice seriously, and I actually test with your ideas in mind.