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Originally Posted by Raudl View Post
atleast someone here knows what to do...I 100% agree with your 5 statements.

i just want to add, that the ship you fly is only partially important to your performance in stf's
More important are your skill, Boff layout, weapons (phasers in that case), tactics.

if you want to deal dmg, go buy an escort. If you want to tank and support get a cruiser...not necessarely the galaxy x. A tactical captain will allways deal more dmg, while an engi will survive a harder beating. As i see it, in stf's DMG is more important than surviving. An engi captain in an escort can even tank a tactical cube with some support from the rest of the grp. (aceton beam, borading party, etc...)
Agreed on all points.

Originally Posted by Alexin_Cobra View Post
I don't know why everybody talking about using cruisers to broadside an enemy when Star Trek Ships aren't made that way. Its not Star Wars, where you have these heavy laser cannons in front and aft and when you manuver right or left, all guns have same arc.
You can still broadside.

People do this all of the time.

With fore and aft beam arrays you have a 70 degree arc on your broadside where you can keep all of your beams on target.

This is easy to do.