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05-21-2012, 03:13 PM
Here's some:

1. Importable Projects missing maps on import. I did some testing for Zero on this one. Imported the same mission twice, and missing the same map both times.

2. Along the lines of Hav's #4, I have notice dialogues linked to component complete not showing up on one test and showing up on another. In this case tied to a npc group. I destroyed the group but the dialogue didn't pop. Next test it did.

3. Have also had reports of people sinking into the floors, but very sporadic and I have not experienced this myself since Season 4. My mission "Over There" was one of the problem children back then, but it seems to be fixed now.

4. Side and bottom menus minimized for no apparent reason. Not really all that bad since I can easily drag them back to their usual sizes, but still.

5. Interact icon appearing in the middle of a map, far away from the interactable object. This has only happened to me once. I wanted the player to access one of the aft consoles on the Galaxy Bridge, so I put a martini glass in it. However the interact icon that normally hovers over the object instead hovered over the middle of the bridge, right near the captain's chair. I got around this by adding a reach marker objective, then spawning the interactable glass only while the player is already at the station.

6. Speaking of Galaxy Bridge, I think that random invisible wall is still there between the ready room and bridge.

Not Foundry specific, but it just cropped up in a foundry review: What about the insanely powerful Warbird, is that bug still lurking? I think I remember reading about it. I tested the mission as published and the ally ships on the map defeated the warbird with no help from me (They were frigates no less). It's possible this person had it on elite, or is simply not a very good player, but I thought I remember reading something about how the warbird mob got tuned up.

Also, have heard reports of people not being able to set waypoints for their boffs. I believe Evil70th experienced this while testing one of my missions. Have not personally seen it.

Not a bug but please fix
The liberated Borg only showing up for lifetimes. There's no reason for Cryptic to let the rest of us play with it in the foundry.... but still, please

A bug, but please don't fix

Please don't take away the Thunderfalconcougarbird!