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05-21-2012, 04:11 PM
I'm a tac officer with a beam boat and a tactical escort retrofit. To keep power level up I use lots of batteries (with exocomp purple dof 10%). eptw 2 (I'm tac so cycle is 30 sec) 2 reverse shield polarity II and III. Tactical team I twice and fire at will to get torpedoes and pets. For setup I have 2 cannons (180 arc) 2 antiproton beam and 4 out back. The raison I have this loadout is because I have an Odyssey tac and turn rate is to bad for torpedoes. I specialized in energy weopon proficiency so when I want max dps I only have to slightly angle the front away for beam only and when rapid fire becomes availlable I angle the front for some punch with the cannon. They have a sllightly higher dps good for frontal punch crf before going broadside.

And since I'm a tac I have all those skills that boost damage. Cycling them smartly tanking it out up close and personnal, beam weapon are best under 1 km, thats why I always get on top of cube pratically dragging on the hull. Hit evasive when cube is at 5-3% and boom. The other tactic I use, I purposly let hull streng get bellow 50% or more, have rsp ready to go (to rebuild shield works great on top of tac cube) hit go down fighting III, let the hull go down to 25-30 % before hitting any heal than rebuilt my shields and do major damage (usually gets to 5-10% before hull stop to go down) and dont forget no torpedoes up there. When hitting go down fighting damage is proportional to the damage you took and last 60 second :-D Great to get some major DPS out of that big beam boat, that big tank :-) specially since I can stack wb, Alpha, fmm and 2 ttI cycling on 15 sec constantly, using any buff as soon as they become availlable. Never knew the math or how the protortion works out but just looking at the damage meter and yellow number popping out on top and I see number that almost rival my tac escort :-) ...... On GDF III of course ;-)

Almost forgot, sometimes I time it wrong and blow up too ... but not often ;-)