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05-21-2012, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by igorvalentine
Hi Everyone! I have gotten a little farther in the game, just under the commander level now. I'm looking farther down the road to the end of the game.

I am still enjoying being a science officer. I didn't want to cave into the Sci Oddy, but the 8 weapon slots seem really awesome. How is the dps with the Sci Oddy compared to the Atrox Carrier and DSSV? Is it a significant amount more with the 8 slots vs 6? Do the stalker fighters on the carrier make up the 2 less slots?

I am so torn, lol. Please help!
1. Oddy is still cruiser, its not sci ship. No hi lvl sci BO, no subsystem targeting... and it is slow. And to use 8 weapon slots you will need 125 weapon power, you really want it as sci captain?
2. Carrier... i have no atrox, but experimented with Vo'Quv a bit, and i can say that you "pets" usually can make more damage than carrier itself. But carrier with 6 beams can still make good damage (at least with tac captain). Carier (Vo'Quv at least) is a nice ship, but it is not good for every player....

Is think it will be wise to get one of free RA ships and try using them, finaly i use RSV because i like it more thel all those c-store ships. And if you will want some new expirience... you can get atrox. Other c-store sci ships, imo, a not worth c-ponts, because they are almost the same...