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05-21-2012, 09:37 PM
I fly the Odyssey-Ops, and decided on a similar role for it after a Cure-Space STF where the ship(s) that volunteered to guard the Kang abandoned the ship to attack a cube and my ship didn't have enough defense ability when I moved to take their place. After that, I vowed I would rebuild my Oddy to have enough repair capability to take over in the event something like that happened again.

To do so, I sacrificed one of my EPTW-1 and Engineer Team-1 (I was running a version of the Dragonship build) to enable me to have Aux to Int Struct-1 and two copies of Extend Shields. Since I am an Engineer, I had EPS Transfer that could take the place of EPTW-1, and would count on Tactical Team to cover the shortfall from the lost Engineer Team. The result was that I could now keep an Extend Shield rotating in constantly to have on hand, and could do a minor hull repair to myself or another ship every 15 seconds. To date, the only time this ship has failed to keep the Kang alive is when it was overwhelmed with 4:1 odds (which will kill about any ship) or greater.

However, you can't be just a repair ship. When you are part of a team, you have to pull your own part of the battleweight, and cruisers have to tank and throw out enough damage to not be ignored. In STFs, you are 1/5 th of the firepower of your team, so having good firepower is especially important (moreso if you find yourself in an event where one of the other four ships drops out unexpectedly). So, as much as you want to be able to repair other ships, don't give up on being a significant combat ship yourself to do so (I have experimented with 4 dual-array weapons up front, but found the 3-array, 1-torp arrangement fore and aft is the best arrangement for most encounters with an Odyssey).

Good luck with the Odyssey and with your idea! New ideas are how things are discovered.