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# 8 Transarcadian Transformation
05-22-2012, 12:53 AM
Captain’s log, Stardate ____
Captain Rolf Wellington, USS Azuria

Were to begin? That had to be the most bizarre encounter of my career. We were en route to the Rolor Nebula for a routine patrol of the area with a mandate to catalog gaseous anomaly when we received a hail from a remote colony…

Captain Wellington leaned forward in his chair, intent on the Stellar Cartography overlay on the view screen. He turn to his first officer, a Benzite named Molok. A brief mist puffed out from Molok’s breather as he regarded the captain. “What do you make of it Comander?”
Molok puffed again before responding. “Most curious Captain, they ask for help but through a regular hail, not a distress call. There is certainly a problem but not an emergency. An attack seems unlikely, The True Was has been very quiet since Gul Madred was captured and there has been no sign of hostile Klingon activity in this sector.”
Wellington pondered a moment, Fingers drumming the arm panel of his chair. He swiveled about, looking to his communications officer, a Trill named Merci. “Lieutenant, has the colony sent any details about their problem?”
Merci pulled the old style comm headset from her ear and shook her head. “No sir, Only that they are facing a potential ecological disaster and require immediate assistance.”
Wellington stood and took a step toward the view screen, more out of habit than necessity. “Open a channel.” Merci keyed the console and the computer chimed. “This is Captain Rolf Wellington of the USS Azuria representing the United Federation of Planets. We are in route in response to your call for help but it would help us if we knew a bit more before our arrival. Please respond.”
For a long while there was no answer. Wellington stood still, doing his best to set an example for his crew, one of calm, level headedness. The response came abruptly, heralded by white noise. “This is administrator Delvin Monroe of the Transarcadia colony. Thank you for responding. I’m afraid the details cannot be sent over subspace but suffice to say we’ve had something of an epidemic sweep across our population.”
“An epidemic! What kind of epidemic?” He sent a quick message to sickbay, warning Doctor M’Rowl to ready her medical teams.
“Nothing threatening or fatal I assure you, we are all in good health with the exception of our…condition.”
“Administrator, while I am sympathetic I cannot promise aid until I have assurances…”
“Captain! Please, I swear you will have all the answers we can give you but the truth is we don’t know anything either. I’ll fill you in on the details when you arrive. Monroe out.” The transmission ended abruptly.
Wellington sat in his chair slowly, measuring the conversation in his mind. “Something isn’t right.” His contemplation was interrupted by a call from Sickbay. The purring, musical tone of his Catian Chief Medical Officer answered. “Captain, all medical teams are ready. Now if only what we knew what we were ready for?”
“You and me both, Doctor.”

Transarcadia was a thriving human colony, benefiting from the abundant trade in the sector as well as significant deuterium deposits in the upper crust. The planet was very rich in natural resources as recently has become something of a haven for intellectuals from across the quadrant. Already the colony had a bit of a reputation for keeping more than one ‘Mad Scientist.’ But none of that mattered right now. Wellington was at a loss for words. We was standing in the presence of Administrator Delvin. Records show Delvin is 34 years old, of an average build, brown hair, blue eyes, and stands about 5’9”. The Delvin he was looking at was about 26 with black brown hair, opal eyes, a slender shapely body, 34DDs, and stood 5’4”.
“I take it this is the epidemic you were speaking of?” Wellington said at last, his mind still coming to grips with what he was seeing.
“Yes Captain. It started about a month ago, a few people started to complain about muscle and joint pain, the Doctors thought little of it and prescribed some mild pain killers. Then the cases grew more frequent and people began…changing.”
“Dramaticly,” purred M’Rowl. Her gaze was fixes on the colonists, each and every one of them could have made an Orion slave girl jealous. “Have you any idea how this change came to be? Viral, rogue T-cell, one of your Mad Sci…resident intellectual’s experiment gone wrong?”
“We’ve found no viral agents in the atmosphere or in the bodies of any of the affected. Test results showed no sign of Barclay’s syndrome, and as for the Egg Heads…they also have been affected. Besides, they are the ones trying to find the cause as well a possible remedy.”
Wellington looked about, Beautiful, awe inspiring, worship worthy women as far as the eye could see. “What are the affects aside from the obvious?” He said after snapping his attention back to the Administrator. If he…she noticed, he…she did not take offense.
“It’s not as obvious as you might think. I can show you in the lab across the street.” She sauntered toward the sterile looking building, her hips swaying back and forth. M’Rowl giggles and snapped her fingers in front of his face. “Focus Captain.”
Wellington shook his head and pinched his arm, muttering to himself about needing a few cold showers. “Doctor, I want a full scan of the area, have your teams conduct a sweep of anything and everything that could possibly do something like this and if we are now at risk. I need you by my side for this.”
“Don’t trust yourself Captain? Need a chaperone?” She purred playfully.
Wellington sighed and followed the Administrator into the large cylindrical tower, the Ministry of Science. Several floors up they entered into a cavern of lights, holographic projections and every manner of scientific equipment. Little of what he saw made sense to him but M’Rowl purred in excitement. The facilities in this place looked like they could rival the AZURIA.
A group of highly attractive women draped in lab coats stood gathered together by a display of a double helix. They paused their discussion as they noted the trio approach. “Captain Wellington, Dr M’Rowl, may I introduce Dr Eugene Simmons, Dr Elisabeth Wong, Dr Samos Arron, and Dr Selena Nandahar, the Egg Heads” One after another the Doctors nodded as they were introduced.
“Doctor Nandahar?” M’Rowl interjected, “I know of your work in advanced genetics, I based my last study on survivability of selected mutations in Enimian moss on your last paper. Your theories are very well founded.”
“Why thank you Doctor. I am glad my insights were able to further your work as well.” Dr Nandahar smiled. She was a fairly tall woman with dark, olive skin, dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. Wether or not her now near perfect body was a result of the changes suddenly seemed the most important thing to Wellington’s mind.
“So Doctors, What have you found?" He blurted after the Catian nudged him. The First Doctor, Simmonds, responded.
“We have ruled out any kind of Viral infection. No viruses were detected in any victim. We have also ruled out Barclay’s Rogue T-Cell syndrome. This was not a forced de-evolution by any stretch of the imagination.”
The scientists continued on in their discussion, joined by M’Rowl, and droned on or what seemed like an eternity. Wellington sat back and leaned on a console growing ever more frustrated. The Scientists continued in circles, possibility, feasibility, probability, test, failure, possibility, again and again they droned. It was only after some time that something they said caught his attention. “What is most perplexing is that the characteristics gained do not negate the previous characteristics. In fact in some cases they are enhanced.” Said the ivory skinned, ebon haired, goddess…scientist.
“Wait, what do you mean, the previous characteristics?”
“As the transformation progresses the victim, in this case a male, develops characteristics of the opposite sex but retains the characteristic of the original sex. Just as for the female, only she would develop characteristics of the Male sex.”
“So you are telling me every single person on this colony is Transgendered!”
“That is correct Captain.”

I returned to the ship immediately, red faced and flabbergasted. That encounter was definitely not my diplomatic best. The Azuria will remain in orbit to render whatever aid is required of the Transarcadian colony.
Doctor M’Rowl returned to the ship a few hours after I did, bringing with her enough material to research the strange mutation and possibly create a cure. But the outlook is doubtful. The latest reports seem to indicate that the colonists seemed to mutate at the cellular level with no stimuli whatsoever. All data concerning this incident is being compiled for my report to Starfleet as well as Starfleet Medical.
Until that time our patrol is on hold. All visits to the surface will be strictly controlled by Dr M’Rowl and all personnel quarantined upon return. I only just completed my own. It is my hope that we will soon understand the nature of this strange spontaneous transformation.
End Log

Wellington keyed the console and the monitor went black. “Computer, package log and all data files of the investigation and transmit to Starfleet Command.”
“Acknowledged.” Chimed the computer voice. Wellington slumped in his ready room chair and placed his hands over his face. He would put on a very brave face for the remainder of all this, but once they left orbit he would need to see the ship’s counselor for sure. The door chime made him jump in his seat. He straightened and composed himself. “Enter.”
A tall Benzite woman burst into the ready room in a panic. “Captain, we have a serious problem.” She was breathing deeply, a heavy mist foaming from her breather.
Wellington stood, slowly, his joints seeming to give him trouble. “At ease Commander, Calm down and tell me what is going on. I don’t recognize you. What is your name?”
The Benzite’s eyes went wide with fear and anxiety. “Sir, it’s me, Molok, your First Officer!”

All Communication as lost with the Azuria after receipt of the log and data package. Starfleet Command has issued a quarantine order for the Transarcadia Colony and the USS Azuria