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05-22-2012, 01:09 AM
Borg are tough to gauge how you're doing on for some things due to their huge HP and shields in STFs. For example, I was flying a ship with tetryon beam arrays for the shield stripping, but I honestly can't say it was worth it. I swapped that ship to phasers for now to see if I can notice that proc, so I'll see I guess. I mean disruptors leave a debuff that you can see in the UI, and antiproton have the innate crit. It's been difficult for me to tell if there's much effect on a cube, say, with tets or polarons (at least when phasers proc I can see shields drop momentarily or the target stops moving in space, etc.) 'cause they've got so much to work with anyway.

blah blah I didn't really say anything helpful, did I? eh..

I found that TR and GW are probably two of my favourite skills. I have a science KDF in a Kar'fi with these powers, though I used to have Feedback Pulse instead of TR. Now I can fly up to a cube, subnuc it, and use these two skills. It sure goes down a lot faster; the Omega's 2-piece Glider bonus is a fun help.

But to get additional drain, perhaps look into Viral Matrix (shares a cooldown with Scramble Sensors if you care about that skill). Tachyon Beam and Energy siphon can be fun, but again these share a cooldown with TR and GW. I wouldn't triple-up on any cooldown.

If you do stick with TR and GW, consider using Graviton and Particle Generator consoles to boost two skills directly tied to them.

Also, as I didn't notice this before, run the mission "Assimilated" for the universal Borg console (wiki link). That way you can get at least the two-piece bonus (a hull heal proc that can mitigate plasma burns and other minor damage to keep you from having to heal as much) and still be able to have two-piece MACO or Omega