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05-22-2012, 05:18 AM
Originally Posted by Protoneous
Ending up being 2 of my favourite skills as well (hoping by TR you mean Tractor Beam Repulsers). .
I meant Tyken's Rift, but it's possible there's another abbreviation folks use for that skill. While the rift shares its cooldown with gravity well, I find that I can still use both regularly. An AoE energy drain is pretty cool, imo, and I like to do things like snare the pack of spheres in ISE and then pop the rift on top of them as well.

The repulsors can be neat, too, though. I haven't run with them in PvE, but I've definitely seen everything from little escorts to lumbering carriers toss probes away from gates and the like with'em.

e: I am rockin' the polaron setup on a couple characters, so I'm trying not to do it on every beam ship I've got. I like to vary it a bit. But yeah it's a fun energy type to run, moreso considering one of the hybrids -- available in the 2800 episodes -- is pink.