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05-22-2012, 05:37 AM
The sheer amount of Odysseys in STFs that run "rainbow beams" and very poor BOFF/DOFF setups has given the class something of a bad name, but it can be a very effective team tank (and a fairly capable Kang guarder) if played right.

For a discussion on the pros/cons of the Ody types see this thread. For BOFF layouts see here.

If the aim is to guard the Kang, there are two schools of thought:

Firstly, you can aim to take care of the incoming waves of enemies before they can reach the Kang. Secondly, if any enemies make it close enough to start firing on the Kang, you can protect the Kang from their weapons fire.

Taking care of enemies before they can reach the Kang requires a lot of AoE Damage, or a lot of CC, or a mixture of both. The Odyssey can be built with a reasonable focus on either Damage or CC, thanks to the Universal BOFF LTCom slot. In terms of CC, you can run with Eject Warp Plasma I, Gravity Well I and Tractor Beam Repulsors I using a Sci BOFF. This will help you play "keep away". In terms of Damage, you can run with Two copies of Tactical Team I, plus Attack Pattern: Beta I, Fire at Will II or III (or Beam Overload II or III) and Torpedo Spread II or III using a Tac BOFF.

If you're going for the "Stop enemies via CC" route, you'll have a very easy time versus Negh'vars, but will find it more difficult to kill BoPs and Raptors - whilst you can kill them faster, they also move a lot faster towards the Kang, an Odyssey will have a rough time keeping two waves of them back even with three lots of CC.

If you're going for the "Stop enemies via Damage" route, the general idea is, for Birds of Prey, to strip their shields with Beams and then finish them off with a Torpedo Spread. For Raptors and Negh'vars, strip all their shields and then focus fire on the lead ship - its warp core breach will kill or very nearly kill the two other nearby ships. You'll also still be able to slot a copy of Eject Warp Plasma I in case of emergencies using your Engineering Commander BOFF.

If enemies make it past you and start firing at the Kang, all is not lost. The Kang (on Normal STFs) can take a fair bit of punishment. On Elite STFs, it'll die quite quickly when it comes under fire (particularly from Raptors), but there are still a few tricks you can use to keep it alive for a little longer...

Tactical Team is the biggest defensive boost you can give it, NOT Extend Shields. The Kang will not balance its shield facings when under fire unless you throw it a Tac Team... so with Tac Team AND Extend Shields/Transfer Shield Strength, the Kang will be able to withstand four times as much damage as it can with just Extend Shields/Transfer Shield Strength alone. Sci Team is only useful as a raw Shield Heal, it does not grant any damage resistance (unlike TSS or Extend Shields).

Hazard Emitters and Aux2SIF are both a lot better than Engineering Team for Kang Healing: these powers provide a sizable Damage Resistance Buff instead of only Raw Healing, meaning that they reduce the damage the Kang will take from further weapons fire. An Odyssey also has Work Bees which can be deployed on allies and are a great source of "top up" secondary healing (they don't give any damage resistance either, and so accomplish pretty much the same role as Engineering Team).

Your "Team" powers share a cooldown, thus you can only use a maximum of two of them. Since neither Engineering Team or Science team grant any damage resistances, and Tac Team grants so much extra survivability, If your priority is to protect the Kang you should be using two copies of Tac Team I - ignore Sci Team and Engineering Team, and use your other powers (Aux2SIF, HE1, Work Bees, TSS, ES) to keep the Kang's Hull and Shields topped up whilst you hammer away at any incoming craft.