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05-22-2012, 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by synkr0nized
I meant Tyken's Rift, but it's possible there's another abbreviation folks use for that skill. While the rift shares its cooldown with gravity well, I find that I can still use both regularly. An AoE energy drain is pretty cool, imo, and I like to do things like snare the pack of spheres in ISE and then pop the rift on top of them as well. The repulsors can be neat, too, though. I haven't run with them in PvE, but I've definitely seen everything from little escorts to lumbering carriers toss probes away from gates and the like with'em..
Thanks! Am going to give that a try, replacing TBR with TR, and see what drama it produces.

The power drain of Polaron combined with the power drain of TR... the OP is onto something here