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05-22-2012, 07:06 AM
that's the last thing that should be fixed..

i hope they will fix the dumb AI of the pets, because at the moment they are kinda useless in STF's.

**they do minimal damage so bump the dmg output or let us change the weapons..

**the pets are really really really stupid!!! they fly too far away, ignore my targets, try to solo cubes or gates and like to fly right into a warp core breach.. so make them smarter, or let us control them like the carrier does..

**let us have a little console that shows the health of the 2 pets.. because half of the time i lose sight of them and after 5 min i come to a conclusion they tried to solo 5 spheres and died..

**make the buffs better..

**and after all that fix the visuals

because i now payed for a pritty/cool ship that's kinda useless..