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05-22-2012, 07:05 AM
Originally Posted by Teleon View Post
I respectfully have to disagree with the setup you provided. With a couple very simple changes it could be made better and more efficient.

Skills required: Hazard Emitters-II, Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity Field III, Attack Patter Delta-I, Tactical Team I, Emergency Power to Weapons-I x2, Transfer Shield Strength-I and Emergency Power to Shields-III x2:

How to roll powers:
@ 00 seconds: EPTS-III, TT-I, APtSIF
@ 15 seconds: EPTW-I, TT-I, APtSIF
@ 30 Seconds: EPTS-III, TT-I, APtSIF
@ 45 Seconds: EPTW-I, TT-I, APtSIF

Use APD if a shield facing falls for added resistance.
Use TTS-I and HE-II as needed. I usually use HE-II to clean hazards off of me like radiation or warp plasma.

In the event that you are sub-nuked by Sci- Use Evasive Maneuvers to put distance between you and your assailant. If you are really smart, immediately after being sub-nuked you will have at least TSS-I available and Brace for impact. Just remember, Brace for impact is a kinetic damage resistance only buff.
Respectfully, I think the example he provided is more broadly available to any ship, not just cruisers like the improvements you suggest. I'm not disputing that higher level abilities like Aux to SIF3 would be better, it is just that they aren't widely available to every class. Both examples do demonstrate the basics well though.